Sunday, April 25, 2010

Silverware Wind Chimes (Care for Cathy projects #5&6)

This Care for Cathy week is getting pretty darn long! 

Almost done.

I’m combining these 2 projects as they are basically the same.

At the 11th hour I had the bright idea to try my hand at making some wind chimes out of silverware…..I was really getting nervous at this point that nothing I had made so far would even get bid on.

So I decided to do something small to appeal to those not into repurposed furniture. 

I’d always wanted to make wind chimes, I’ve seen them around for ages and have collected a whole box of silverware pieces.  When shopping at the thrift store I’m always on the lookout for tarnished pieces of tea sets.  I’ve found a few odd pieces this way, always for less than $5.  Time to take action and actually use them!  And they fit into my theme for the projects; you use silverware in a restaurant, right?

So here I am 2 days before the auction and starting another project……glutton for punishment, aren’t I?

I did not remember to take any pictures of this before starting.  We’ll just have to skip right to the end….

Let me warn you, it was not easy to get pics of these due to the reflections off the silver!  (even without a flash) These are all very bad….break out your sunglasses before viewing!


This is one of the few shots I was able to get without a lot of glare.  I hung it in the sun porch and you can see the trees in the background…

This is not a teapot, rather a piece from a tea set.  A sugar bowl perhaps? 

I loved the handles and the petite size.


Full view with the flattened silverware and beads. 

All were pieces I had in my stash, the beads are from assorted necklaces found in curbed jewelry boxes.


I used a heavy duty fishing line to string the beads.


A roll of wire previously purchased for a dollar at Real Deals (my favorite dollar store) was used to make the spirals.  It was wayyyy too heavy of a gauge and very difficult to work with!  My fingers were sore for days after this.


In silhouette. 

The second one is an actual Teapot.  It’s pretty big, and heavy!

This is an early version, the knife in the middle (clapper) didn’t make much noise.  I didn’t like it much.


Went back and added some coiled wire and center beads to pretty it up.  Changed the clapper to a flattened serving spoon.  Much better sound!


 I added some crystals and beads to the top just for fun.


The big round and butterfly shaped beads in the center were from a dollar store sun catcher I had purchased last year.

Even without a flash I got the glare from the windows reflecting off these.  Oh well, they actually did come out cute even though you can’t tell here.

I used an old floor lamp to hang these from for the photos and at the benefit.   Drapery hooks worked as temporary hanging hooks.


Would you believe these got the most bids at the auction?  The teapot went for $110, and the sugar bowl went for $90!!!!

Holy Moly!  Who would have thought?

I had everything already on hand for these, collected over time.  I would guess that the total cost for both pieces was under $10.





There is just one more item in the ‘Care for Cathy’ project series. 

I promise I’ll finish up tomorrow! 

Gotta go now, it’s trash day somewhere!


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  1. wow rose! Those are awesome. I've always wondered what they would sound like. I love, love, love wind chimes!
    You did a great job, and I'm so glad they raised so much money for such a wonderful cause.
    I love the color the beads add. That makes a huge difference. You are one frugal shopper!

  2. Rose!
    These are fantastic.

    I can't believe how precious they turned know what I think was unexpected about the whole project?
    The curled wire around the handles!!!
    It gives it that 'quirky' look...

  3. They're beautiful. I've seen winchimes with silverware but nothing of this caliber. Your's is truly unique with the curly wire and the dangly beads at the top. The bottom picture shows the color of the beads really well. Someone is going to get years of pleasure from their purchase.

  4. Wowser on the bids!!!!!!

    I used to make and sell silverware windchimes. I still have some and stuff to make more, but just don't have the time. I still collect "homeless" flatware, can't leave it behind.

    You are awesome!!!!1

  5. Very cool! It's going to look gorgeous when the sun hits those crystals and beads!!

  6. P.S. I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you to stop by my blog and take a look at the JACKPOT I hit yesterday!! I felt like I was in your neighborhood!! ;)

  7. Hi..I’m Barb from New Friend Fri. I am your newest follower. I hope you will get a chance to visit my blog @
    & get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well. We also are having a Mother’s Day Giveaway til Wed. hope you can join in. Nice to meet ya new friend!!!

  8. This is adorable. I love all the color!

    I host a blog party on Saturdays and I'd love it if you linked up!

  9. Rose, those are really unique. The glass is really pretty with the light coming through. It's great that they were so successful at the auction.

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours Day!

  10. These are so sweet! What a great use for all that old silver. I always am on the look out for unusual pieces of silver. I get the greatest pleasure of out of cleaning them, odd I know. But then there are pieces that I leave all tarnished. So, I will have to keep this in mind for a new project!

  11. Rose -
    Just a coupld of words....STUNNING, BRILLIANT!!! I LOVE these windchimes!
    ♥ Toni

  12. I love it!!!!!!And I love when crafts help a good cause and reach others. Simply amazing job well done!


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