Monday, April 12, 2010

Ladder Love!

People throw out ladders all the time.  I can’t understand it.  Can I just share with you that I have yet to meet an old ladder I haven’t loved?

My First ladder I ever picked up had been used to hang clothing for sale at a garage sale; when the sale was over the owners put a FREE sign up and left everything outside.  I happened by, saw the ladder and assumed they didn’t mean that the ladder should go too, since it was really just a prop to hold the clothing.

So I stopped and picked up a couple things that were interesting (this was a couple years ago and I can’t even remember what all I got there) and went on my merry way, leaving the clothing filled ladder behind without a second thought.

However!  The next day I drove past and all the clothing was gone and the ladder still stood, along with a couple odd items …….It was then that the love affair began.

Still thinking “they couldn’t possibly mean to give this awesome ladder away, could they?”  and being too polite embarrassed to go knocking on the door, I kept driving, certain that the owners would come out and yell if I were to take the precious ladder.  That night I dreamt of that ladder……!

So the NEXT day comes and once again I’m driving by alright already I was stalking that house (there I said it! gosh you’re a tough crowd), and once again that amazing ladder is there, but this time it is pulled right up to the edge of the road and the FREE sign is once again propped up for all to read.  I stopped quickly, jumped out and popped it in my van without hesitation.  You see, if it’s in the trash zone, it’s fair game.  That’s the rule.

I took him home with me and immediately transformed it into this:


 002 001

I know, it’s purple, but I was in a lavendar phase back then.  The boy and girl statue was another fortuitous curbside find.  The bench part of the statue was busted up, so I detached the figures from it (including the dog) and it was the perfect topper for the ladder!

Well folks, that stepladder was the first in a long string of love affairs with ladders.  Since then there’s been no going back.


Meet my latest love

Yard 041

This is my newest (as in most recent) acquisition love.  He’s rather short, only 4 1/2 ft tall, but what he lacks in stature he makes up for tenfold  in personality.


Yard 042Yard 043Yard 044

Makes your heart just go pitter-patter, doesn’t he?  So ruggedly handsome. 

Just the right amount of  grey around the temple… Be Still, My Heart! 

I saw him hanging out at the curb last week and without a second thought I pulled over and let him in. 


Don’t tell these guys.  They might feel bad………

ladder stash 003

  extreme home geneva 007



And lest you think I’m into tossing my old flames aside without regard for their feelings, here’s a few ways I’ve found to keep them close….


 trellis 019

My garden trellis.



You can check this one out further here.  I made this for my daughter.  Gail posted this story on her blog a while back.



This is a small piece of ladder with a shelf added to use in a bathroom or kitchen.  I gave this to a very nice friend of my daughter as an “apartment warming” gift.  


I simply painted black over the paint spattered piece of ladder, then sanded it so the white spatters showed thru.  I loved how this came out!  (what the heck is that all over the wall????? ewwww!)

She also got this table. 

002 005

Click link to see original post about tables over at Gail’s blog.





A whitewashed ladder section becomes a great magazine rack in the bathroom.  The picture is a few months old, I promise I do not still have December magazines out! (at least not anymore)



An old shutter, couple pieces of ladder, some 1x3’s and there you have a simple console table for a foyer, or behind a couch.




Read about the picture makeover here from another post on Gail’s blog. 


Wow this is getting way too long  so I’ll save a couple for tomorrow.   If you’re interested be sure to come back to see how I made a media stand for my son’s house from a ladder found in his garage  (and how I very sneakily made a project to keep for myself from the very same ladder, shhhhh……)

Gotta go now, it’s trash day somewhere!




  1. Wow! I can't wait till tomorrow! I am lovin these!

  2. I definitely have ladder envy! You know I've always loved that purple ladder and the way you have it decked out!
    I don't think you ever showed me the cute little ladder/shutter table! I love that! I never find ladders. Of course, I haven't been "junking" in a long, long time (due to our floods last year, I was afraid to pick up stuff from the curb)
    I've also love that cupboard door table! I have the perfect door, and it's on my to do list.
    Hope you have a great week!

  3. LOVE it!! I won't be passing up any old ladders ever again!

  4. Wow, that about sums it up! I have a ladder that I use as a quilt rack, kind of like for magazines and towels but displays heirloom quilts but never thought about making a table or bench or shelf out of them, guess I better get busy, thanks for the awesome post Rose.

  5. Ok that YOUR big pile of love up against the house and in the garage place in those pics?? LOL! Wow... you do love ladders... that's great!! You've made some great pieces with them!! I'm impressed!

  6. I love old ladders too! You did a great job on all them. I just became a follower. Can't wait to see what you do next. Blessings, Vicky

  7. Hi Rose...well you have inspired me...I'm pulling out my little ladder tomorrow...after church...putting my painting clothes on and I'm going to fix that little darlin' up! Hahahaha....great post and wonderful projects and ideas. I'm sure we will now see through blogland several ladder projects...some good...and some well we will have to wait and see. Hahahaha....great post.
    PS....I love your name! We named our daughter Whitney Rose!

  8. Okay, in all those ladders on the side of your house...I see one with some sort of curvy coils or something. I gotta see a better picture of that one. I love ladders too and I've never seen one like that. You gotta show that one to me. Great post!


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