Thursday, April 22, 2010

Double Chair Bench (Care for Cathy project #3)

Edited to add: This series of posts is from projects I made for a benefit to raise money to help with medical expenses for a friend suffering from cancer.  I’m happy to say Cathy’s cancer is now in remission.  Cathy works in a restaurant, so I tried to use items that could be found in a restaurant as my starting point for each item.

This one was made from these 2 lovely chairs.



The backs are one of my all time favorite chair designs.  What are they called?  I believe I read somewhere they were Lyre Back?  I’m too tired right now to Google it, so if you know please help me out and leave a comment, ok?  I had a long workday today, started out at 6:30 am and got back at 9:00 pm.  I really wanted to get this post in so please forgive me if you find a lot of mistakes.  I’ll come back and fix them tomorrow. (Didn’t mean to be a whiner there, just wanted you to know I’m not quite myself tonight)


One of the chairs had been well loved chewed to death by a family pet.  I know that story well, having 2 very wonderful but destructive dogs myself. 

Someday I’ll show you some of the stuff they have chewed!


Aside from the chewing, the front half of both chairs was wobbly and needed a lot of work.


Love the angle of the back. 


Check out what happens when you turn the chairs this way!

What I decided to do with these I first saw done a couple years ago by Sharon S. from the HGTV Trash to Treasure forum.  She is one super talented lady and comes up with the most creative and crazy wonderful ideas!  She has a shop called “ ….Another Man’s Treasure” in Michigan.  I wish she had a blog. 

When I picked up these chairs at the curb I knew immediately what they would be used for.  They were just like the ones Sharon S. had used for her original creation.


Off came the wobbly damaged front legs of the chairs…



I made a box of 1X3’'’s and attached it to the chairs.

I sure wish that was the end of this part of the story, but it wasn’t to be. 

It was wobbly. 

Seriously wobbly.

Fall on the floor if you sit on it wobbly.


To fix the problem I took the box off and just used 1x3’s attached directly to the chair legs.

It worked.  No more wobbles. 

In fact it was super sturdy!



See this table leaf?

It’s a run of the mill laminate top table leaf.  I see them all the time at the curb. 

I always pick them up.

They make great boards for seats.

Especially for benches.

Especially if you are going to cover the seat with fabric.

Which I did.



Remember the bedsprings from the herb garden chair?

While taking the box spring apart to get to the springs, I had to take all this batting off.

Perfect for padding a seat.

A while back I purchased a bunch of burlap coffee bean sacks at my favorite dollar store.  At a buck a piece I bought at least a dozen.   Someday I’ll post about the other things I made with them.I got lazy and used the whole sack without cutting it open.  I stapled it under the leaf all the way around.

It fit perfectly and made the fabric a little sturdier for a seat.

(Burlap can be very thin as the weave is so loose.)


There were some worn spots on the pattern.



I touched them up with paint.



To get a more modern look I added some sheet metal pieces to the front and back seat supports.

It’s really hard to see them in pictures. 

They were pieces left behind by a contractor that installed a refrigeration case at work.

Thought the combination of the burlap and the shiny aluminum was cool and might appeal to the younger crowd.



The finished bench.  I picture this as being used at the end of a bed or in a foyer.




Wish I had staged it somewhere besides the driveway……

Final Cost:  $1


This bench sold for $95 at the silent auction. 

It was hard to let it go….

Join me tomorrow for Project #4 in the ‘Care for Cathy’ series!


Gotta go now, it’s trash day somewhere!




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  1. Hi Rose, Thank you for visiting my blog and the nice compliment.
    I love the bench. The style of chair you used along with the burlap and the metal strip was a great idea. When I saw the cut off front legs my first thought was that together they would make a great little table. I've always been a junker but you've opened my eyes to even more possibilities. You are so dedicated to you followers to post this after such a long day. Thanks for all your great ideas. I've asked for prayers for Cathy through my prayer group at church and she is on my daily prayer list.

  2. Oh Rose... you are amazing... you are my new hero... I remember Sharon S.' post... I didn't know you were on that board... I stalked that board for a few years... Sharon S. went MIA after her last hike, I never did look after if she ever came back... she was awesome... you sure did her proud with this bench... I can see why you got $95.00 for it... looks gorgeous. What Dollar Store did you go to?... I have been looking for burlap bags forever... the only ones I find are the old ones and they want a fortune for them. Hope your day is a little less busy, can't wait to see what you are up to next.

    Hugs, Deb

  3. Hey Rose...
    love the bench turned out great. I like the metal detail,good idea for repurposing that little bit of scrap.

    Have you got any plans for the front legs of those chairs?
    I know you do... hope you share them soon.

  4. Ok- you are officially my hero! This is just brilliant

  5. Wow how creative. It looks great!

    I'm hosting "Saturday is Crafty Day" on April 24th and I'd love it if you stopped by!

  6. rose! I love this bench. I can't believe undoing the box made the difference of the wobbliness! :) Way to go. One of these days, I WILL do a chair bench! :)
    great job on the entire thing.

  7. I just found your blog and love this transformation!

  8. I love it! I'll never look at chairs the same way again! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Now I have to find some chairs so I can make a bench too! I don't think I have ever seen this done before. Genius!

  10. Oh, I never would have thought to turn the chairs that way - thank you so much for the inspiration. You did such a great job, the look is just amazing, unique, and I love it!

  11. I just came by to visit via New Friend Friday and I am so glad I did. This bench you did is just amazing. I've been looking through your posts and I love all of your amazing transformations!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Rose... all your projects for the auction are wonderful! Love this bench and the burlap bag!!

  13. I have to do this! I see these chairs all the time. But I've never seen burlap coffee sacks at the dollar store!

  14. Found your blog through Girl Creative and I love this bench!! Can't wait to look though more of your posts!

  15. Rose--that is fantabulous--love it so much--you are being featured this week!

  16. wow!!! You are amazing!! I'm a junk addict too ;) Isn't it just so rewarding to make something beautiful out of something that was someone else's junk? You have a serious talent! I LOVE this bench!

  17. What a FANTASTIC job of repurposing a couple of old chairs! I'm especially digging the burlap sacks you used for the seat cover!!!

  18. dear rose, i wanted to let you know how much i appreciate and love the pieces of work that you did for our fundraiser, care for cathy. my mom has the chair with the flower pot sitting on her front porch that her next door neighbors bid on for her, knowing she would love it. well, she loves it and spends every morning enjoying her view of it with her morning coffee. i love not only what you did but how much you gave and the love you put into it. thank you so much rose. i hope to see you home this summer. love cathy (care for cathy)

  19. just wonderful and so inspiring!!! wish I could do that!!

  20. you know I've always loved this one!
    thanks for linking up and linking back!


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