Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cleaning up

This is just a quick post to show you some of what I’ve been up to this past week-end.  No creating for me, I’m afraid.  Just cleaning up some of my messes.



I got a call from Mom a couple weeks back and she was wondering if I was ever going to come back and take care of some stuff I had stashed hidden over at her house a long time ago.  (ahem, that would be 2 full years ago)

I had offloaded some curb finds to the side of her house so that I could go back and get more (her house being close to the neighborhood I was curb shopping)   Well, bad daughter that I am, I never got back to pick up my mess.  Mom has been awfully patient about this, offering threatening to throw it in a dumpster only a few times.  Her lawn service guy was getting pretty tired of trimming around the junk pile too.

017(Yes. that is another ladder, it’s a 10 footer!)

It got a little complicated as I had absolutely no room at home for anything more…and I sure didn’t want Mike to know I had yet another stash of junk somewhere…..such is the secret life of a curbshopaholic I’m afraid. 

Well, this time I PROMISED I would get it cleared out before big trash day, which was Monday.  Starting in the spring her city picks up big items and construction debris once a month.  (something to take note of if you have this in your area, makes for some great curb shopping!)


(2 years outdoors makes  for a perfectly weathered door, I’m sooo excited about this!)



So I spent some time Saturday morning cleaning up, and was rewarded with some bonus pallets too!  Yayyyyyyy!   Mom had these leftover from a new tub that was installed last fall.




I feel like a good daughter again.  (But not such a good wife, as I’m taking this stuff home to hide somewhere)






Thanks for putting up with me Mom! (and for keeping my secret from Mike)  Shhhhhhh……….

Gotta go now, it’s trash day somewhere!



  1. The things in the pile you stashed at your mom's are all things I'd have grabbed. Love finding wood pieces. Wood is so expensive and new wood just doesn't have the character that old wood has. My problem is I wouldn't have had anyplace but our place to stash anything. That and Grampy would have had to help me unload the car. Now what are your plans for that bucket?

  2. ♥ this!!! And next time my hubby complains of all my piles..I am gonna introduce him to your blog ;)

  3. Rose... love the door! I have 2 I'm going to work on today... one looks similar to yours, but only half of the door has the paint peeling. :(
    those are very nice pallets! Great lumber there!
    good stuff girl!

  4. Great stash...
    Good Mom, nice of her to let you 'store' your stuff...even nicer that she didn't snitch on you to your hubby!
    I was out yesterday, and had a chance to get to perfectly good pallets...but they wouldn't fit in my car!
    It wouldn't do for me to have a truck...I'd be "curbing it" all the time!

  5. LOVE IT!! Love the door and that pail in the back of the car!! To funny about hiding it from your hubs! I forgot I left some stuff in the back of my car and mine found it last night OOPS! ;)

  6. LOVE IT!! Love the door and that pail in the back of the car!! To funny about hiding it from your hubs! I forgot I left some stuff in the back of my car and mine found it last night OOPS! ;)

  7. I wish I could find more wood curbside. Futon frames are great for tearing apart and reusing the wood. lol. I love finding things free at the curb. It took me a while to get Ron into shopping curbside. lol thanks for visiting junkblossoms.

  8. Rose... I laughed when I read this! First of all... another ladder LOL and the being a good daughter but bad wife... so funny! But it looks like you've got some good stuff in that pile! I'm jealous!

  9. That was hysterical! I can't wait to show my husband the photos of your garage, someone with more junk than I have! You definately have to come over sometime to see my stuff! After our show I am committing right here to organize both my garage and basement!

  10. OH MY -- I love your blog and am enjoying your posts and am certainly going to follow you to see if you can get this all under control (haha)!!!

    I don't want to see you on the next episode of "Hoarders"...


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